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Some frequently asked questions that have simple answers and help you get the most from your Nuband.

I cannot find the app

Please make sure you have the correct software and sufficient space on your device please also make sure software is up to date on your phone or tablet. Failing to do so may lead to slowing in performance and loss of apps.

My NuBand will not pair

Please insure Bluetooth is turned on, on your smart device. This does not require a permanent connect! Press one time the button of the band to illuminate your Nuband screen and then press sync. Your connection should be made.

My NuBand has stopped working

When your Nuband is delivered it has approximately 20-30% battery life in it. It will need charging. If device switches off, charge your Nuband with micro USB cable for 2-3 hours. Device may still be switched off so hold side button down for 5-10 seconds. The Nuband will vibrate and Nuband will switch back on.

I cannot find the app on my IPad

When searching for “Nubandapp” on App Store look under iPhone only. The app will appear immediately and you can download fully formatted to your iPad.

NuBand app cannot be found on Mac or PC

Nuband is designed to be on the go therefore is available on selected Google and Apple smartphones and tablets. Nuband is not available to download on Mac and PC.

Maintaining high performance

For best performance, your Nuband only requires 2-3 hours of maximum charge on a weekly basis. Do not leave to charge overnight as this type of charging can severely damage the performance, and potentially irreparably damage the battery.

I cannot find the band in my Bluetooth settings

Turn your Bluetooth on and then open the app. Set your goals and profiles, then press save sync band. After completion, your band is ready to use.

I have lost my band

Loss is not covered under the warranty as this is at the owners' responsibility. We can sell a replacement and offer a complimentary 25% discount as a gesture of goodwill.

I cannot find my charge cable

One 10cm charge cable or USB charge connector (depending on model) is provided in the packaging of your band. The USB Charge connector is attached to the head unit pop this off the band and you will see the connector

If you cannot locate your charge cable or connector, please contact us at info@dartmouthbrands.co.uk us with the model reference and we will replace this for you.

Where can I buy replacement bands?

Please contact info@dartmouthbrands.co.uk with model reference.

My band is resetting after a few days of use

Please check your device settings for updates and ensure the band and phone are over 50% charged prior to the update.

If this doesn't resolve the problem please contact info@dartmouthbrands.co.uk with your model reference and we will replace.

My band has stopped working

Please follow the directions for your specific band model, listed below.

Nuband Activ/Slim/Evolve:

Is it charging?

Yes: Hold down the button for 20 seconds and it will turn on.

No: If your brand is not charging and there is no battery symbol, please send an email to info@dartmouthbrands.co.uk with your issue, model reference, proof of purchase and address and we will replace your Nuband.

Nuband i touch/Flash/HR

Is it charging?

Yes: Hold finger on screen and it will turn on.

No: Make sure your charger is plugged in the correct way around and then try again.

Nuband Pro/Smartwatch


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Your Nuband is covered with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, if you experience a problem with your tracker, get in touch below to contact us.

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