Top tips to stay fit while travelling

For so many people keeping fit and healthy while travelling or on the go can be difficult. So we're sharing our top tips to keep you on track o your next travel event, doesn't matter if you are travelling for work, pleasure, or your yearly family, whatever the case may be we've got some great advice for you. 

First and foremost travelling is to be enjoyed, and shouldn't be about depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy and love the most. But if you find yourself constantly travelling for work, and it has become part of your monthly or even weekly routine, being able to manage and prioritise your healthy is important. 


Mindset is literally everything when it comes to keeping healthy while on the go, if you see travelling as a way of eating everything in sight, foods that are completely out of the normal convincing yourself that is ok, can be a complicated mindset to get out of, and there is nothing wrong with this if you decide to do this for a couple of meals, but things can go overboard if your entire holiday becomes this. If you start your travelling on that mindset, once you return home you will find it incredibly hard to go back to your routine, and end up resenting going over in the first place. Once you find balance with your mindset, between enjoying the new foods that city has to offer, and understanding your limits you can focus on everything else.

MOVEMENT (Get those steps in!) :

There is no denying movement is key, and it is as important when travelling. Try and WALK everywhere, not only is it completely free but it is also a fantastic way to see what sightseeing the city has to offer, walk to the nearest coffee shop to pick up some local coffee, ,make a point out of walking as much as possible and keep track of it with your Nuband, stay on top of your exercise by monitoring how many steps you are actually getting in throughout the day. Walking and movement is a great way to take a break away from that mother in law who keeps questioning your life decisions, or take a break after your long intense boring meeting, and help release those stress endorphins.If you love staying fit an active but due to work you constantly find yourself travelling, and away from the gym. Try and speak to your company, and find accommodation with a gym either close by or in the hotel. So you are able to continue with your workout routine while away. 


Don't be afraid to eat, continue with your normal routine of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and any snacks in between that you may need to keep you fueled throughout the day. Try and eat as much whole/real foods as possible, focus on eating one nutrient dense meal a day, eating out can be a wonderful thing especially when visiting a brand new city, but finding healthy options isn't always simple, so an easy way to simply this is by trying to think about whole foods and focusing your plate around this: such as lean proteins, lot's of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds...If you can't find them easily, head to your local grocery store near your accommodation. 

  • Healthy snacks: You don't need to empty the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard with you on holiday, but try and take with you a variety of snacks that will keep fresh and well. If you are unsure of the food choices on the plane, or if you will have access to a supermarket near you, preparing your food in advance is a great way to make sure you don't feel starving when you get there and eat everything at arms reach.


Make sure to stock up on plenty of water, throughout your flight and once you land, being dehydrated will throw your body out of sync completely. Approximately 60 percent of the human body is made of water. Aircraft cabin humidity levels are unnaturally low, about 5–10 percent, creating an environment with less humidity than the Sahara Desert* Did you know dehydration also exaggerates jet lag?


Lastly you may feel a bit silly wandering up and down the aisle with these one, but they can do wonders to improve your blood circulation, they can prevent blood clots, especially on long haul flights.

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