Simple Ways To Get More Steps In With Your Nuband

So you've bought your Nuband and you may have had this for a while, and you are all set to reach your targeted goal of 10.000 steps but for one reason or another, due to life's uncontrollable circumstances you can't reach this goal. It is only now wearing your band you discover how few steps you were doing in a day. 

Here are a few simple and creative ways to sneak into your daily routine a few more steps:

  1. Avoid eating at your desk, utilize this time to go out for some fresh air and for a walk.

  2. Make a habit of taking the stairs whenever possible

  3. After dinner take a walk around your neighbourhood to stretch your legs one more time and let your food set.

  4. Hop off the bus/tube one stop before your final destination and walk a few blocks to wherever you are heading.

  5. Use your Nuband to learn insights into your day, use the reminders as boosts to get up an walk around the office or your home, and see how you smash your goal. 

  6. Go to the bathroom at work on the floor below or above your own, this way you will add a few more steps in, instead of heading straight to the one on our floor.

  7. Take an afternoon brainstorming walk

  8. Shopping can be a great way to include more steps, head down all the aisles and corridors before you decide on your purchases.

  9. Take comfortable shoes in your bag, stick some trainers into your work bag and don't make not having the right shoes an excuse.

  10. Multitask while walking, do you have a podcast you've been meaning to listen to? This can be the perfect way to also relax 

Pokemon GO was a game changer and saw many tripling their amount of steps due to the game. You don't need an addictive game on your phone yo walk more but there are indeed many creative ways you can up your step game.

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