Life of a professional sportsman

Nuband athlete Pablo Trescoli, gives us an insight into the daily life of an athlete and What drives you to wake up every morning and stay motivated

Who is Pablo and what is the decathlon? 
I am a track and field athlete who trains a variety of events: from long distance running to sprints, along jumping and throwing events. To do so, I have to train my stamina, my flexibility and my strength are top priorities, in order to keep my levels of fitness balanced. The Decathlon demands versatility and athleticism from the athlete as performing in ten different events across two days is definitely not an easy task for many of us. 

Ambition or talent: which matters more to success? If we consider success as a measure of how good the best version of ourselves can be, definitely ambition. Ambition makes you want to beat yourself, to look back and see nothing but obstacles you overcame as well as self-improvement. Talent on the other hand, makes you stand out, not from yourself, but from the rest of the people around you. It's like a gift, and if combined with ambition it can lead you to absolute success with more ease than ambition in itself.

What drives you to wake up every morning and stay motivated? Desire and the possibility that every morning may be a step closer to what I want to accomplish, this makes me want to give my 100% in everything I do. Staying motivated is hard, not to mention unnatural, but sometimes what we need is to be happy, and not motivated. Doing something I like eases the pain and effort i put in every time train.

Can you give us an idea of what your diet is like, example of a daily meal plan? As an athlete I for multiple hours a day, I also cycle backwards and forwards to training, so I need to keep my energy levels high by maintaining a high level of energy in my system, so I constantly make sure I am eating the right foods to fuel my workouts.. Every time I do a physically tough session, I need to help my body recover by making sure I am getting the right amount of carbs and protein in my diet. It's hard also hard for me as I am not a big fan of vegetables, but vitamins in vegetables are a must in every diet. 

How does your Nuband help in your day to day as an athlete? Keeping track of my daily steps helps me monitor my recovery days, monitoring my heart rate is also a great way of checking how your body is coping with intense workouts and knowing where your limits are. Knowledge about my sleep cycles also comes in handy as some days it's frustrating to have a bad session, but relieving if it turns out to be that your nervous system simply wasn't ready for it due to an incomplete sleep.

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