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Leave Your Wallet Behind! Nuband Contactless Payment.

Everything you can do with your Nuband all from the comfort of your wrist:

Run with GPS No extra hassle of running with your mobile, simply walk out the house and go. Your Nuband will track distance covered along with your steps.

Track your activity and sleep we all live busy lives, but we may be spending a majority of our day working or sitting at our desk. Don't forget to turn on your Nuband reminders, which will give you that extra boost to move, even if this may be a quick walk round the office to stretch your legs, these little reminders are great so we do not stay stationery too long. Another great feature is being able to track sleep patterns and habits all while not losing track of your progress that can be tracked on your Nuband app. 

Make purchases from a tap off your wrist this brand new feature is great for all those fitness enthusiasts and a great solution for hassle free exercise, a great solution for when staying active out running, cycling or simply walking the dog allowing them to simply grab a quick purchase and continue on their journey paying quickly with a wave of their arm. 

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