For many of us, exercising isn’t an easy task either due to busy work schedules, kids, commute time every morning or simply because there are not enough hours in the day. And yes,  while exercising is important there are many more aspects of our everyday life that we overlook and are incredibly important when it comes to living a healthy, happy life.

1. Up your daily step Count: Getting up and moving is important for your health and well-being, small changes throughout the day can create a very different end result. Especially during the long workday when you’re likely spending most of your time sat at your desk.

The recommended daily step count is 10,000 steps so strap on your Nuband and set yourself a goal to reach this target: walk to and from work or wherever you are going, walking instead of driving, stairs instead of lifts.  If you sit at your desk all day incorporate some walking time into every hour.

2. Drink more water: Water is an essential element in an active lifestyle, we need to keep hydrated even when we are not training or being active. It is a no brainer that you need to drink water, not only is it great for your body but drinking more water can also lead to loss of body weight. If you are somebody that can’t tolerate boring water why not spice it up by adding a dash of fruit to it?

3. Fit more workouts in your week but make them convenient for you, if you are a morning person set that alarm a little bit earlier and get it done, if you can’t make the gym research home workouts, go for a run or down to your local park, working out shouldn’t be a chore it should be something you look forward to doing.

4.Invest in some new equipment: Never underestimate the power a little retail therapy has on the soul, especially it’s uplifting power to get you motivated, invest in that fitness tracker that you’ve had your eye on at the gym, in a new workout gear, Because we all know that we exercise more often and more efficiently if you look good while doing it.

5. TEAM UP: Nobody likes a boring workouts, so why not workout with friends or your partner make each other accountable for some sort of daily activity, set target goals and help each other to achieve them, embrace the outdoors by dog walking together or share lifts to the gym.

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