How to make walking more fun

Walking has many benefits for your health, and it simply has to be one of the easiest ways to exercise and get your steps in, by simply stepping one foot in front of the other and adding a little speed into your step. Walking has been shown to have amazing physical and mental benefits towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However walking the same route every day, or running into that grumpy neighbour on your morning walk, is bound to lead to boredom, and can quickly feel more like a burden than something you look forward to.

We’ve rounded up some great tips to help you stay motivated and get yourself out the front door. Stay entertained on your walk with these fresh tips:

Beat the clock

Choose a route you visually enjoy, with the least amount of traffic and zebra crossings if possible, and see how long it takes you to complete it. Track your steps and time with your Nuband, and see if next time you can finish the route that little bit quicker, keeping track of your progress can be a great form of motivation. The faster you walk, the more calories you'll burn per minute.

Learn a new language

Find a good audiobook to listen to while out on your walk, and use this time to freshen up on a language you no longer use or learn a new one. Start your walk by listening to the audiobook or podcast, and dedicate some time towards the end of the walk to practice what you’ve learnt. Just make sure you’re in a place that’s safe where you are fully aware of your surroundings.

Go audio

Same as the above, podcasts are a fantastic form of entertainment with hundred of topics and conversations to choose from. If you are tired of listening to your same walk/run mix why not switch things up by playing a podcast and learn something new. Why don’t you set yourself a task? If you have time aim to walk for the entire length of the podcast, or if you come across a podcast you really want to listen to, rather than playing it on your commute or drive to work, set yourself the challenge to wait and listen to it on a walk.

Find your squad

Your walking squad that is, we all know how exercising with others keeps us more accountable, so why not try and make more of a habit of it, and turn walking into a weekly social event. Find a group of friends, family members, or parents at your child’s local school, this way you don’t have to grab the same walking partner in crime every time, walk a couple of days a week with one group and then switch it up this way you can keep the walks regular. Walking together also gives you some great time to simply chat and catch up.

Make the most of those errands

Maybe even after reading all these tips, you continue to tell yourself you don’t have time for walking. Another fantastic way of getting those steps in, is by doing those weekly errand runs by foot. Draw a mile around your home or wherever you have parked your car, and walk as many errands that you can within that circle, you may even surprise yourself how much you get done on foot, and how much you save in parking fees.


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