Google’s top running questions answered

RUNNING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS - Google’s top running questions answered

So you may have woken up this morning feeling super inspired to start running after watching the London Marathon yesterday. And although running may be as simple as stepping one foot in front of the other at a quicker speed than walking, you may be turning to google to answer those troubling questions on where to start. No need to spend hours scrolling through the internet, we've got our team of running experts to answer all the questions for you.

How to start running?

Don’t overthink it.The simple answer:Just start. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Running is something we've done since we were kids and you already have the most vital part with you: a working pair of legs. Our top tip would be to start slow, start by combining walking and running for five minutes, before beginning to jog for a couple of minutes, and soon you will find yourself building up the confidence to run with ease. 

How many calories does running burn?

To work out how many calories you burn while on your run,sync your Nuband to your app a the end of the run. But remember not all calories are created equally,  and not two runs will be the same. 

How often should I run?

When you first get into running we recommend you aim for three runs a week, You're more likely to stick to running if you enjoy doing it, and there is nothing worse than jumping straight into an injury in your first weeks of running. Deciding to take up running doesn't mean you have to put all the other activies you love aside, It’s good to be well balanced. Cross training while running can have amazing benefits: Pilates is great for stretching and building core strength, and Swimming and cycling are a great low impact alternative.

Should running be painful?

No. However, will it always be comfortable? The answer is also no. With running like life you will have good days and bad days, and when you first start you may find you have more bad days. You won't always find yourself running on runners high, but the great mental and physical benefits are a great motivation to push you through those bad days. 

What do I need to start?

Good running footwear, make sure to try a few in the store before deciding on which ones to purchase. Try to avoid shopping with your eyes, and focus on the feet. And if you are unsure which ones are the best for your running needs, make sure to ask the experts in your local run store. 

Lastly make sure you are getting plenty of sleep, water and nutritious food. 


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