Best Podcasts to help guide you on your health journey

An important aspect in our journey into health and fitness, is to research and learn. Nowadays, at a click of a finger we can have an overload instantly of information online, that can be quite overwhelming at times. However things like websites, books, blogs are still excellent sources for expert health guidance along your journey, including many amazing workouts to follow.

In addition to the great content you are able to find online you should also consider Podcasts as an excellent source for information. With our busy day to day lives, we may not have time to sit down and read a book every day, but podcasts are fantastic for busy schedules as you can simply pop some headphones in on your commute to work, or on your morning walk and listen to endless possibilities. 

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing forms of digital media on the internet.  Here are a few of our favourites:


  • TALKING TASTEBUDS – Venetia Falconer
    If you’ve ever wondered what the likes of Deliciously Ella eat for breakfast, or what some of the industry leading experts would choose for their death row meal, you’re in for a treat. Tune in to hear Venetia chat to her guests about their earliest food memories and favourite dishes. And it’s not all food experts – on the show she’s had the likes of neuroscientist Dr Giles Yeo, James Duigan founder of Bodyism and PT Max Lowery.
    Listen to it here: Talking Tastebuds
  • Invisibilia:  A slightly different to the others in the industry, as on this podcast they will share a series of different stories that change in each episode, focusing on one human emotion or feeling. A true world wind of emotions throughout the entire episode.
    Listen to it here: Invisibilia 
  • The Health Code: YouTube’s favourite Fitness Aussie couple join forces in a podcast, that will have you completely hooked. Join Kurt and Sarah as they talk holistic health, fad diets, and their favourite tips and tricks for the ultimate workouts, plus of course their hilariously funny couple banter. With an infectious personality that shines through in the podcast, the episode will have you laughing out loud, full of positive energy and completely uplifted and inspired.
    Listen to it here: The Health Code 


  • Deliciously Ella The Podcast: Ultimate girl boss and entrepreneur Ella Mills has teamed up with partner Matt to chat all things health and of course food. She’s the queen of vegan and plant based eating, and we can find her food products in practically every UK supermarket. They cover a wide range of topics, from veganism and climate change to gut health.
    Listen to it here: Deliciously Ella 
  • The three Dumbbells: Join Fred,Seb and Mat three London based PT’s as they dive in to talk about all things health and fitness but with a definite comical twist. They will have you laughing and learning all at the same time. The guys aim to bust all the myths that are currently roaming around in the industry, and are joined by some amazing guests. 
    Listen to it here: The three dumbbells 
  • Desert Island dishes, by Margie Nomura: A weekly podcast where chef Margie Nomura talks to a special guest about the dishes that have shaped their lives. She interviews a wide range of people from chefs, to entrepreneurs to food bloggers. She will have them discussing their 7 Desert Island Dishes where Margie will uncover the food people love to eat. We will find out about their favourite childhood dishes, the dishes they eat the most often, and the dishes that mean the most to them.
    Listen to it here: Desert Island Dishes 
  • The Fat Burning Man Show: Abel James speaks out about health and nutrition, and aims to expose the misleading information and claims that have been made in the industry. Abel touches on a variety of subjects with this guests, learnings things such as why medicinal mushrooms are so powerful for the body, learning why we overeat and how to beat cravings, understanding the thyroid connection and leaky gut, and learn more about how to fuel athletics with fat, these are just a few topics he has touched on in the past, check out his great podcast for more.
    Listen to it here: The Fat Burning Man Show

For the runners:

  • Runners world podcast: What better place to start looking for advice than with the fantastic team at runners world? With years of industry knowledge, and a little black book of contacts, you are in for a treat with a stellar lineup of running celebs, from endurance athletes to top elite sprinters, trail runners and ultra marathoners. Hosted by Rick Pearson and Ben Hobson, each month we will be discussing topics within the world of running, not one to be missed.
    Listen to it here: Runners World
  • Citius Mag: Are you looking to up your speed, increase performance and round up more PB’s in upcoming races? Well this is the podcast for you, be prepared for some amazing knowledge bombs and facts about running. Immerse yourself in the physiology of how to become a better runner. Featuring some of the notable athletes and coaches of the sport. Past guests include Olympians Molly Huddle, Robby Andrews, Donn Cabral, Sheila Reid and many more.
    Listen to it here: Citius Mag


For General Health care & the importance of a good mental health

  • Sleep with me: If you are struggling or have suffered with insomnia, this one is for you. Drew Ackerman is the founder and host of Sleep With Me, he came up with this bedtime story podcast when he was struggling with sleep himself. Don't feel alone in the dark night again, sometimes all you need is a bedtime story.
    Listen to it here: Sleep with me 
  • TED TALK, Change your mindset, change the game: Dr Alia Crum, well this may not exactly be a podcast, but definitely needs a spot on this list. Dr Alia gave a treat talk at TEDxTraverseCity on how your mindset can affect the results you see in your life, and can shape your path. She reveals some mind-blowing studies on how mindset can change everything, even our decisions on our life path.
    Listen to it here: TED TALK 
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