5 meal prepping hacks for the one who hates meal prepping

If you are anything like us, then you are foodie obsessed. Always thinking about the next meal, starting to look forward to lunch when you are still eating your breakfast. Because of this we are always looking for ideas to make the cooking process easier, and go straight to the best bit, the eating. But does the thought of having the same reheated dinner day after day bore you? You are not alone, today we are giving you five hacks so you don’t have to pull that same sad lunch out of the fridge.

When it comes to meal prepping, most people either love it or hate it. If you’re one who hates it, then you are in the right place, we are here to try and convince you otherwise.


Take some time out on Sunday to scroll through google or browse your favourite cookery book to find recipes that you fancy giving a go, remember it doesn’t need to be fancy or an endless amount of ingredients, simply take inspiration from these, to avoid looking at beautiful perfectly prepped meals, and making the task seem more frightening than it is. Each week stock your cupboards and fridge with a selection of ingredients that can work in multiple dishes you are looking to make, pick your favourite carb sources, some protein options (meat or non-meat) and your choice of vegetables and fruits.


If you are new to meal prepping and are not already a big fan of it, going in attempting to prep your entire week of meals, will most likely overwhelm you and you will find it hard to stick to it. Start by choosing two or three dishes you wish to prepare with similar ingredients, to keep your shopping list cost low. And don’t forget, even though this one may seem obvious, don’t forget to prep foods you will actually love and enjoy.


Cooking your protein ahead of time, is a great way of making sure we are still packing in all the nutritional content we need to fuel ourselves properly throughout the day, and make sure the meals we are prepping will keep us fuller for longer. Cook at least two sources of protein such as chicken and eggs, or beans and tofu if vegan/vegetarian. These portions of protein are perfect for packing into your salads, sandwiches or nourish bowls.


Your protein sources above don’t need to be boring, try marinating your chicken or tofu before adding it to your meals, depending what you are in the mood for try a couple of marinades that you love to use on different foods, as no one wants bland and uninspiring food. For example, mix lemon and olive oil for your salads, or try your hand at your own healthier version of a caesar sauce.


There is nothing worse than feeling like you are eating leftovers everyday of the week, like soggy vegetables and feeling like you are eating food passed it’s time. To get passed this feeling, incorporate your sauces at the very last minute before eating your meal, or simply if you have more time, prep all your protein sources earlier in the week and simply keep chopped vegetables on hand, to cook these last minute.

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